Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A MAC Haul...

I planned to treat this blog as my baby but I am making out to be one lousy parent :-(  Anywho, here's my first haul blog! 

I'm a MACaholic- this is a minor haul for me, believe it or not. I'm saving up for SugarSweet, which launches here in the US March 19th. Even the girls there said I had an addiction- but that it is well-warranted :-) In the blog, I also mentioned what I plan to pair each with ♥

STARRING...the e/s's:  

What a lovely matte highlighter or base e/s.  The texture is a dream to work with-creamy, smooth & easily blended. I also liked how it brightened up my eye area. It's very similar to MAC's Painterly PP.  It doesn't have shimmer like Shroom, but I am thrilled that I added this to my collection- I know it'll be a staple.

Picked this up because my other suffered an unfortunate de-potting accident :-(  A staple e/s of mine, love love LOVE this shimmery peachy-champagne color all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease. Also works well with Twinks. 

I can see this shade not working for some girls, but I loved it on me! It's a...dusky taupe. I wore  Blanc Type as my base, Quarry on my lid, & Wedge in the crease, a lil' liner & I loved it- so did the MA.  I have green-eyes & this color really made them pop. 

I would call this a plummy-brown with a golden sheen to it. I am super excited about this e/s. I plan to wear it with Satin Taupe on my lid, & Sable on the outer corner & up in the crease to add depth. Then line the lid with carbon. I'm sure I'll think of some more combos for this baby.

If you love browns & neutrals, this is a must-have. It's a reddish warm brown shade that I plan to use as a crease color. At MAC, I had the MA pair it with All That Glitters & it looked sooo nice. I also see myself pairing this with Wedge, Sketch, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe & Haux. I will use a light hand with this one though-too much can look very harsh.

This was more of a "what the hell, why not?" purchase. I'm still not too sure about this gold-bronzey e/s but I had it on my fair-medium skin tone & it didn't look orangey.  I do wish I had more of a tan going on for this color to really pop, but I am still willing to work with it. I know it's going to be used a lot come summertime! And if it doesn't work, that's what swaps are for.


Blankety & Hue
Hello, my name is April & I'm a nude addict. I think this should be my personal slogan. Typically, I pair Cherish & Myth for my signature color. Perhaps this will change?? First off, Blankety won't be my favorite color, but I wanted to try it. At MAC, it looked nice- gave me a pretty nude lip. At home, it looks craptastic.  I'll play around with it & see where my love goes for it though. I do love Hue though. Hue- a soft milky pink-  is definitely going to be getting some serious lip action from me.  


I heart MAC'S mineralized blushes & this looks lovely on me. I will soon be taking a picture of it on so you can check it out. I thought it'd be too bold for me, but it worked out beautifully. Really added a gorgeous sheen to my cheeks & I actually got a compliment about it today.  I also have Warm Soul & can't decide which one I like more. 

That is it! I did pick up a MAC HK Pink Fish & while the name is rather unfortunate, it's super cute. Pics are to come, you gorgeous gals! 

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  1. ohhhhh i know. the mac lighting just makes everything look like it's gonna be allright, right? it sucks when you get home and your foundation doesn't match and your lipgloss is 3 shades lighter than you thought. it happens to me all the time. which is why i keep the receipt always. Can't believe it.

    Anyway, I'm a nude lip addict too -- even though I find myself looking better with berry lips. Sucks because I'll still purchase more nude colors because nude is synonymous with glam to me. :)

    take care!