Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guerlain Terracotta Loose Kohl Liner: Oriental Metal vs. Noir

I finally got my Guerlain kohl & YSL lipstick ::does a happy dance:: I was leaving the house & saw the UPS guy while I was driving away, so I frantically turned around & caught up with him. He probably thought I was a lil' nutty, but oh well.

As soon as I got home, I needed to play with my waterline. I put on the Oriental Metal first. It's very soft & subtle, perfect for the day. I will admit, I love the intensity of Noir, however I am also drawn into the subtlety of Oriental Metal. I will mix them up throughout the week. Noir is definitely more for evening makeup, but whatever. I dolled myself up after the gym so here ya go!

The first pic is with Oriental Metal. Subtle & loverly.

Here's Oriental Metal close-up:

The second pic is with Noir. Intense & defined.

And here's Noir close-up:

Honestly, I love them both. As I previously mentioned, the staying power is impeccable & it's versatile-I can work out with it on, go out to dinner with friends, or just get through an ordinary workday with either of these- without worrying if it's smudged.  Although my heart is with Noir, I will use Oriental Metal during the day because it really is quite nice.  The pic doesn't do it justice & when I run out, I'd repurchase both a heartbeat. Seriously, if you love lining your waterline, get one!! 

*****I'm reviewing YSL lipstick in another blog in case you were wondering if I was also wearing it- I'm not wearing it in these pics, just vaseline.*****

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