Friday, February 20, 2009

Laptops dying & new purchases

So, I was planning on blogging every other day in order to get my page "happenin'," but my laptop died. I had it for four years, always served me well but one day I turn it on and...its screen was black.  A nice computer geek told me that it would cost more to fix it then the laptop was worth so I had to spend the next couple of days looking around until I finally settled on this beautiful Mac. Oh, how I love it already. It has a pretty sufficient webcam, so I'm sure I'll put that to good use!!

Since I now have the internet again, of course I had to order some new stuff that I can't find in the stores.  First thing I ordered was  Talika Eyelash Lipocils. I'm not sure where I heard about this item, but its reviews look quite stellar. The product claims that it's clinically proven to stimulate eyelash growth as it conditions existing lashes.  You apply twice a day, morning and evening.  I already have good enough eyelashes, but I am curious to see if the product will thicken and lengthen them a little bit. From the reviews, it sounds like it does work IF used consistently.  It also sounds like the tube lasts awhile, but that you have to keep buying it for the effect to last. When I get it, I'll use it for the recommended month to see results and then I'll post about it :-)

Another item I bought from was a Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in Sensual Silk. I have heard great things about this lipstick!! And it better be FANTASTIC considering that it was $34.  YSL claims that it is a smooth and creamy lipstick that transforms into a fluid veil of radiant color when it touches your lips.  This strong and sensual item also contains SPF 15.  I'm excited to see if my lips will be transformed into sensual steaminess. Doesn't the lipstick just sound freakin' hot? When it arrives, I'll post a pic. 

From,, I ordered Guerlain's Kohl in Oriental Metal. I am simply in love with these kohls because they're the best product that I've ever used on my waterline. I currently use Noir, which is an intense black and will be featured in an upcoming video. Its staying power is so impeccable that it even survives my uber-sweaty workouts!  Oriental Metal is a silvery taupe and looks more subtle than the black Noir that I'm using, so I'm excited to use it and compare the two.

Finally, when I run out of my GloMinerals foundation, I'm going to purchase Mufe HD- there's been so much hype surrounding it, I just gotta. 

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my new purchases and I'll post pics/results of all when I can!!


  1. thanks for droppin by my blog!! XOXO

  2. Hey babe!
    I'm glad you think my blog is funny ;-) When i say RuPaul I mean the over caked drag queen look, but I don't actually mean RuPaul as a person. I think she's quite fabulous, and her makeup is BLENDED very well. lol

    You are going to LOVE YSL lipstick. no joke. It's like wearing cream on your lips. But make sure you exfoliate your lips well. also the Sensual Silk is a color to be worn at's a little too dressy for the day, you know what I mean?

    I love the way you look in your profile pic. natural and gorgeous. your makeup accentuates your features and doesn't mask them. my fave :)!